Claire Marschak~ Guest Artist

I have a passion for painting from life. My style focuses on light and what it does to color and form. I'm inspired to capture the ethereal quality of light on land, architecture, and everyday objects. As a plein air oil painter, I love the challenge of being outside to create vibrant, spontaneous works. Early morning and late afternoon are my favorite times to paint because the colors and shadows are more intense.

My paintings evolve from feeling connected to a place. As a regional New England painter I'm lucky to be surrounded by so much natural beauty and inspiring subjects are always close to home. Block Island is a favorite destination with it's unique island light, Victorian buildings, and sweeping views. I believe there are images in nature that have a universal appeal, and through my works I wish to share that vision.

Claire Marschak

  • Southeast Lighthouse

  • Black Rock Point

  • Grace's Cove

  • Double Metallic Raku

  • Double White Raku