Alice Jacob~ Guest Artist

My work has been described as an ‘intimate experience.’ As a young girl I worked as a Carney girl in an Illusion Show with a traveling circus. I gained insight into the world of the strange and unconvential. The experience has influenced my work, especially the time I spent later in life photographing the voluptuous and mysterious Carnival in Venice, Italy. The city becomes a paradox that seems self-contradictory and absurd and beauty becomes provocative. Tradition plays out where identity and gender are unresolved and meant to be ‘guessed at.’

I have loved films all my life. And I know, they influence my emotional and visual sense of timing. They sharpen my intuitive understanding of what Cartier-Bresson call the ‘decisive moment.’ I form an instant relationship with ‘place.’ What draws me to my subjects, are what I call the ‘unguarded moments; the ‘mise en scene.’

When I am not working in far away places, it is with great joy I return to our summer home on the Block. Here another subject draws me in; it is the Wedding. I enjoy shooting this event because there is no danger of ‘cliche.’ The freedom of the Island offers couples the most romantic opportunity for the spontaneous moments , so often unobserved, and in a fairy-tale setting.

Alice Jacob
Phone: 201-281-1944

  • Champagne and Bagels

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